Creative expression is one of those things that humankind has always defined as an admired aptitude. Yet, tragically, it’s an ability that’s not nurtured or enhanced past our grade school years in any meaningful way. Most of us never took a drawing class past 3rd grade, or played an instrument, or learned to dance. I was fortune enough in my younger years that met my best friend Victor who was a truly gifted artist, and he inspired me to hone my artistic skills. I always had a wild imagination, but basic skills of drawing was something that I never fine tuned. And like any skill, you gotta learn the basics to fine tune. It’s just like writing: Doing it well involves mastery of spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

I really honed my artistic skills during my years in college, and at one point even did some comic book work. Over the years, especially now in my professional career, my need for creative expression has evolved, and I┬áhave found that having deep artistic appreciation helps me better convey my ideas, whether it’s creating games, mobile apps or interactive websites. Even when I code, or write specs, I find that being able to visualize the user experience, the interface, and world I’m conjuring is intuitive thanks to the years I dedicated towards improving my artistic craft.

The artwork below is the last remnants of old sketches I done over 20 years ago. Pics that I took from a few random sketches I did before I threw them away. All my old artwork as a kid is pretty much long gone since my family moved around the world as we were growing up, and most things just got tossed at some point. Even to this day, I still move around and have the habit of throwing away huge pipes of my old sketches and paintings. I’m not attached to the original work, as I think it’s much more important to be constantly creating new things.