I had the distinct honor of working on a ton of great apps, games, platforms and brands over the years. From my favorite adventuring gal in Tomb Raider to my all time fave Star Wars, I love bringing these stories and adventures alive, whether on console, which spanned much of my earlier career, to more recent digital and mobile fare. My involvement spanned such roles as doing QA and prepping materials for a product launch back in the day (everyone starts at the bottom!) to overseeing the entire production of a product from beginning to end. I’ve now worked on award winning products across desktop, console, and mobile platforms, with a tendency to be more on the cutting edge when major shifts are occurring in technology.




While most of the awards that I’m proud of come from the games I worked on, a good chunk of my career has been spent building highly complex, scalable, and popular platforms that power various initiatives. As an example, at Raptr, I headed up a number of initiatives that lead to the launch of our social platform, which dramatically increased user engagement and grew our user base from 1 million to 20 million within 3 years. My first startup venture that I co-founded was a platform enterprise, which made it easy to plan social events online and on mobile. That company went on to become acquired by a public company, Lifeminders. In addition, at Fit Entertainment, another startup venture I co-founded, I speced the foundation of a patent pending platform that converted health activity into a form of social currency. I love working on products that bring people together.




I was one of the early adopters to jump into the mobile space back in early 2000’s. Now that I have over 10 years of experience in this space, I’ve come to appreciate how we’re only just scratching the surface of what’s possible on mobile. Games that once were thought of as passing glance are now dominating the mindshare of most gamers, and a number of mobile apps today are simply interwoven into our lives. A number of mobile apps, games and even augmented reality experiences I created over the years were successful. I believe my successful has come from not only creating great products, but also embracing the metrics driven optimizations that the mobile industry is known for, and ultimately driving products to long running hits.




The games I worked on over the years fall into 2 distinct phases of my career. I started off on traditional retail products and worked on such games like Tomb Raider, The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, and moved onto such popular properties as Mario Party 8. After graduate school at Columbia Business School in 2003, I shifted my career towards digital, a trend which I saw uprooting the gaming space. That’s when I focused on predominantly mobile, online, and massive multiplayer fare. I have the distinct honor of working on multiple game of the year products and am proud of my contributes to these notable games.




It’s always humbling to see the games you work on make the cover of the top gaming mags of yesteryear. Over the years, that delight of seeing your game get coverage shifted towards online news sites and now to key influencers on YouTube and Twitch. I should note that I wasn’t directly involved in locking in these cover stories, but I did want to recognize the great work all the people did to make a game successful. It’s not just purely the piece of the puzzle that I worked on, but rather all the pieces that come together to create these masterpieces we call games.